Kindergarten Furniture Set
Kindergarten Furniture Set
Kindergarten Furniture Set
Kindergarten Furniture Set
Kindergarten Furniture Set
Kindergarten Furniture Set
Kindergarten Furniture Set
Kindergarten Furniture Set

Kindergarten Furniture Set

Brand: Moetry
Product No: MOE-CR01-001
Series: Noble Blanco
Material: Solid Wood
Color: Snow white
Age Range: 2-6 Years
Apply to: Kindergarten, daycare center, early years learning center etc.
Lead Time: 7-15 working days
Furniture Type: Assembled furniture
Installation: Manuel instruction or offer on-site installation

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A kindergarten play corner is an activity center set by preschool teachers according to the development status and development goals of the children to create a rich and interesting and diverse learning environment (activity area) for children. By setting different kindergarten furniture, such as children's tables and chairs, children's toy cabinets, kindergarten corner cabinets and make the kindergarten furniture combination into a relatively independent activity area, providing a variety of deep and layered activity materials, so that the children can freely select the activity materials according to their own interests and abilities, and effectively and systematically carry out activities in the environment, thereby obtaining comprehensive development.

This kindergarten play corner contains our uniquely designed Noble Blanco Seires kindergarten furniture set, including entrance cabinets, corner cabinets, toy storage cabinets, book cabinets, kids kitchen role play furniture and other kindergarten furniture to create an independent children's activity area for children to play inside freely.

The table and chairs, children cabinets and beds use a same color tone, making the preschool classroom furniture more holistic and optimizing the learning environment.

Pure white color gives people unlimited imagination to the child's pure heart

Environmental certification meets European environmental standards

Children's environmentally friendly paint, safe and secure

This kindergarten furniture set contains a variety of styles of toy cabinets, it is convenient for children to store a variety of toys, teaching aids, and teaching aids baskets, toys can be neatly arranged, be kept clean and not dusty

Hollow design for the back panel of the toy cabinet, teachers can see children while they are playing

Simple and generous shape, fresh colors make people pleasing

Rounded corners to prevent accidental injury to children, 360-degree care for children's safety

Small play corner, a lot of functions

The children instantly become experienced cookers and make delicious food for their partners.