Merry Go Scotter
Merry Go Scotter
Merry Go Scotter

Merry Go Scotter

Brand: Moetry
Product No: MOE-OPE07-005
Series: Merry-go-round
Material: Galvanized pipe, plastic
Color: Yellow, red, black
Size: 180*180*110cm
Age Range:3-12 Years
Apply to: Kindergarten, daycare center, nursery school, parks etc.
Lead Time:10-15 Working days
Certificate: CE,EN71,EN1176, TUV
Packing: Cotton + bubble wrap + plastic film
Installation: Professional CAD instruction or arrange professional staff install

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Looking for something with a new twist on a classic playground favorite? The Circle Cycle is an updated version of a merry-go-round! Four and five seat models are available. A solid steel track allows the wheels to roll easily around as children pedal. A safe handlebar provides a place for children to hold on as the go round. There are merry go scotters for three, for four, and for five.