Wooden Fitness Equipment for Children

Wooden Fitness Equipment for Children

Brand: Moetry
Product No: MOE-OPE02-005
Series: Training equipment
Material: Solid wood, rope
Color: Wood color
Size: 1400*1200*450cm
Age Range:5-13 Years
Apply to: Kindergarten, nursery school, residential park etc.
Lead Time:10-15 working days
Certificate: CE,EN71,EN1176 , TUV
Packing: Cotton + bubble wrap + plastic film
Installation: Professional CAD instruction or arrange professional staff install

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It’s important to create a safe and comprehensive range of play possibilities for children of preschool and nursery school age, through which they can improve not only their motor skills, build a strong body but also social skills, make new friends etc. 
This wooden fitness equipment for children includs wooden slope, wooden balance bridge, wooden crawl tunnel, wooden stepper and other exercise equipment for children. You can place these equipment all in a line like in the picture, and also you can place them in other shapes and order.